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Decorating mistakes you want to avoid this year printed curtains

With the Spring clean just around the corner, consider redecorating that room you’ve been aching to do but didn’t get around to last year. The lighter evenings and better weather will work in your favour when decluttering, painting and furnishing in style. There are a million articles about the latest trends, but what are the decorating mistakes you want to avoid this year? Boring window dressings Windows provide light, shade and everything in between and should therefore be treated as a major feature in every room. Broken or dirty window dressings make a room feel fusty so update them with new…

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Best Blinds for Sliding Doors Sliding Patio Door Blinds in Grimsby

Opening your sliding doors to step out onto your patio or into your garden is one of life’s underrated luxuries, and here at Humberside Sunblinds, we’re going to look at the best blinds for sliding doors to help you choose which one is right for you. What are the best blinds for Bifolding Doors? Depending on what your main focus is for your sliding door blinds, there’s a range of blind types that may suit your needs. We’ll split this post into sections to make it easier to determine the most suitable blind for your patio doors.  Privacy If privacy is…

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How to Choose New Kitchen Curtains

Curtains or blinds? It’s an age-old question asked by newly minted homeowners everywhere. And it’s not just those looking to brighten up a new home; restyling the kitchen of your family home can throw up the very same dilemma. If you’re stuck wondering about the pros and cons of each, well think no more. This month, we’re delving into the benefits and drawbacks of kitchen blinds and curtains. Blinds in the kitchen We have an entire article dedicated to the humble kitchen blind, so let’s have a recap here and to get a full overview, head over to our Blinds for…

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Design Trends for Window Coverings in 2017

As we settle into the new year, it’s time to take stock and think about the ways we can refresh and rejuvenate. This is also true when it comes to our home interiors and windows. This time of year often gives us chance to reevaluate some things, and the design choices that seemed perfect last year might now start to feel dated or bland. For this reason, it helps to have an idea of the kinds of trends that are gaining popularity to help give you some ideas for what might suit the windows throughout your home. In this article we’re…

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5 Home Decor Tricks to Brighten a Dark Room

When designing the layout and decor of your home, one of the most important considerations is the amount of light each room will receive, making a room a more welcoming and enjoyable environment to spend time in. Some rooms don’t receive enough natural light, whether that’s because of the season, or because they’re on a north/south facing side of the house. These rooms often need a little extra attention to ensure they stay as bright as possible, especially when summer arrives and we all want to enjoy the light! Follow our handy tips below for brightening up a dark room. Choose…

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