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Decorating mistakes you want to avoid this year

With the Spring clean just around the corner, consider redecorating that room you’ve been aching to do but didn’t get around to last year. The lighter evenings and better weather will work in your favour when decluttering, painting and furnishing in style. There are a million articles about the latest trends, but what are the decorating mistakes you want to avoid this year?

Boring window dressingsthermal curtains

Windows provide light, shade and everything in between and should therefore be treated as a major feature in every room. Broken or dirty window dressings make a room feel fusty so update them with new curtains or blinds. Venetian blinds are old favourites that never fail to add style, whether it’s the natural feel of wood or the crisp look of aluminium. If you want to make a statement with your windows, invest in some genuine window shutters. This is especially true of period properties whose natural charms will be enhanced by traditional louvres.

Too many framed photos

There is nothing wrong with framed photos per se, but too many, in mismatched frames will make a room feel cluttered and outdated. Instead, take your photographs to be professionally cropped, enlarged and tinted, then place these select photos in matching frames. Choose your wall carefully and hang the photographs in a neat line or a square to create a miniature gallery of memories and loved ones.

Cables everywhere

Cables have been a decorating disaster since the first home appliances hit the shelves. Today there are many elegant solutions that won’t put you out of pocket. Cable tidies come in many colours to suit your decor and can be picked up for a few pounds. For stationary electricals, like televisions, consider boxing the cables in professionally.

Pattern overload

You can easily fall in love with more patterns than is good for you. Checks are kitsch, plaid is butch, paisley is exotic. Put them all together and what have you got? Well, quite an eyesore, actually. Mix and match is possible with amazing results! Do your homework and you can make your room pop with the right mix of patterns.

Blinds LincolnOld Hardware

You can paint and polish to your heart’s content but if you keep the gold-plated light switches from twenty years ago, what’s the point? Same goes for electrical sockets and door handles. With decor changes over the years, these essential items get tired looking and splashed with a hundred different shades of paint. It’s surprisingly cheap to have a professional electrician swap them for clean, modern alternatives.

Get decorating!

None of these decorating blunders are hard to avoid, neither are they hard to fix. Aim high and don’t forget the little details to give your new room bags of panache. Every room is different, so follow this basic guide and add personal touches that only you could bring to the home.

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