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It is a common misconception that certain types of blinds are unsafe for children. While this may have been the case in the past, new legal regulations state that all blinds must either be safe by design or possess an approved safety device. This article is going to discuss the consequences of these regulations and explain how potentially hazardous blinds in the past are now completely safe. Past hazards manifested from the loops that were created by dangling cords. These loops presented choking hazards and were therefore deemed dangerous for households with young, wandering children. Today, every single product we sell…

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Which blinds for a bathroom?

When it comes to installing bathroom blinds, it’s important you choose a material and style that is water resistant, mould resistant and provides a moderate to complete amount of privacy. This article will be explaining which blinds are best at fulfilling these three criteria, and will help you transform your bathroom into a beautiful, relaxing environment.   PVC Roller Blinds PVC is a synthetic plastic that can be used in a wide variety of blinds styles; it is a simplistic material, and with an abundance of colours and designs to choose from, it can blend seamlessly into almost every bathroom. PVC…

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Curtains or blinds for patio doors?

Patio doors are an increasingly popular option to the modern home. Typically, patio doors are large, tall doors that exist to bring in lots of natural light and provide an open feel to the patio and garden. We understand that each window and door is different, and so we believe choosing between curtains and blinds to cover your patio doors should not come solely down to personal preference, but should be considered in a number of specific areas. This article will analyse these areas and conclude that blinds are a better choice for patio doors than curtains.   Light Patio doors…

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Which blinds block out the most light?

Your blinds may make your home look like the palace of Versaille, but if they don’t offer your the perfect amount of light control, they aren’t doing their job right. If what you need from the blinds is blackout or as much blackout as possible, then there are specific blinds that will work better than others. You may work irregular shifts or be a fan of afternoon siestas. Whatever the case, here are the ideal blinds for eliminating sunlight. Blackout Blinds To cut to the chase, blackout blinds are a model of blinds that are specifically designed to block out as…

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Does my Landlord have to provide blinds and curtains?

When moving into a new rental property, there are many unknowns that you must tackle before making an informed choice about where to live. One of the important questions we’re happy to answer here is: does a landlord have to provide blinds and curtains for a property by law? There are many laws governing the rights of tenants and this is an often overlooked question. So, let’s take a look.   1. Does a landlord have to provide blinds or curtains? The answer is a resounding ‘no’. It is not mandatory for landlords to provide window furnishings for a rental property…

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How to Find the Perfect Blinds for Your Office

To get the most from your office interior, never overlook a major component of the office decor – the blinds! As a place that workers inhabit all year long, the blinds are used to block the light and provide shade and to retain heat. Come sun or snow, blinds are as functional as they are pleasing to the eye. It’s therefore important to optimise your choice of blinds to fit in line with their use in the office, whether it’s a single room or an entire multi-storey complex. There are plenty of styles and unique features to choose from with tailor…

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The Best Type of Blinds for Each Room in the House

Though blinds are a wonder in domestic convenience, it’s true that not all blinds are suited to all rooms. To get the perfect balance of light, luxury and practical detail, you’re best to tailor your blinds choices to each room in the house. Not only will you save money in maintenance costs, you’ll add a touch of chic to your home by varying the choice of window coverings. Blinds for the bedroom A bedroom requires the right mood for all the important things you’ll be doing there. It’s a place of relaxation, sleep, rest, weekend dozing and other pursuits that are…

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How to Choose New Kitchen Curtains

Curtains or blinds? It’s an age-old question asked by newly minted homeowners everywhere. And it’s not just those looking to brighten up a new home; restyling the kitchen of your family home can throw up the very same dilemma. If you’re stuck wondering about the pros and cons of each, well think no more. This month, we’re delving into the benefits and drawbacks of kitchen blinds and curtains. Blinds in the kitchen We have an entire article dedicated to the humble kitchen blind, so let’s have a recap here and to get a full overview, head over to our Blinds for…

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How to clean blinds

Cleaning your blinds is the easiest and most crucial form of maintenance you can undertake. Each type of blind benefits from its own specific cleaning regime. So, to help keep your blinds in top condition, we’ve compiled cleaning instructions for the 3 most popular styles. Venetian Blinds Whether your Venetian blinds are plastic, metal or wooden, you can treat them the same way. First, lower the blinds and close the slats so that no light can be seen from the window. Next, hold the bottom rail and dust the slats with a microfibre cloth. Reverse the slats so that they face…

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Most suitable blinds for kitchens

What with the smells, spills and heat of the kitchen, you’ll need a blind that’s tougher than most blinds in other rooms around the home. Don’t forget, the kitchen is the heart of the home and needs to look stylish, too. So, what’s an interior designer to do – amateur or otherwise – when presented with the dilemma of practicality vs. panache? Here are a few suggestions from the professionals at Humberside Blinds.    Our recommendations Roller blinds Roller blinds are a classic for ease of operation and maintenance. Thanks to modern materials incorporated seamlessly into the manufacture, roller blinds are…

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