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Why Should I Get Honeycomb Blinds?

Choosing the perfect blinds for your home or your commercial property requires a lot of thought: what colours you prefer, what colours will look best with your interior, what style works best for you, and why certain styles might not suit your property. You have your more well-known types of blinds, such as Venetians, verticals and Romans, but what about honeycomb blinds? What are they, and why do you need them for your home?  What are honeycomb blinds? Also known as duette blinds, honeycomb blinds are named after the unique shape they take. They are made from at least two layers…

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The Best Blinds for Hotels

If you own or manage a hotel, or even if you’ve been a guest in one, you’ll know that guests’ comfort is a priority, particularly for multiple-night stays. When we think of hotel comfort, we often think of a nice big bed, bedsheets with high thread counts and a power shower to refresh ourselves. However, the quality of blinds can play a big part in how comfortable a person’s stay is, and in this article, we’re going to take a look at the best blinds for a hotel.  Blackout blinds For complete privacy and total darkness when you need it, blackout…

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Ivory patterned blinds

How to Block Light from the Sides of your Blinds

Are you losing sleep because of light coming through the gap in your blinds? Light leaking through the narrow space at the edge of your blinds is a common problem, and it can be very frustrating. Unfortunately our bodies are programmed to respond to light, so just the smallest amount will send signals to our brain and we will wake up. This can make life difficult, especially in summer when the days are longer. The main cause is that the blinds aren’t correctly sized and don’t fit the window properly. Luckily, there are ways to solve this, even if your blinds…

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Can Blinds Improve Happiness?

It’s no secret that we’ve been making our customers happy for over 40 years. By offering a huge selection of blinds designs and styles, as well as staying on the cutting edge of blinds innovation, we’ve managed to attain one of the best reputations for satisfactory service. However, it’s not just our service that makes customers happy. Many of our blinds can directly impact and improve our customer’s happiness, through boosts to both their mental and physical health. We’re going to be exploring how the colour, fabric and operation of our products can increase your mood and overall well-being. Color Psychology…

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2019 Blinds Design Trends

A new year has arrived, and last year’s now-dated interior designs trends are being left behind in 2018, alongside plastic straws, ‘dabbing’ and meat-only sausage rolls. This means that 2019 will summon a wave of fresh new styles and trends, applying not least to window blinds in all areas of the home. This article is going to look at what 2019 has in store, and will help you to decide which style of blinds to choose out of our near-unlimited range. Colour, colour colour 2018 saw a minimalist approach as the ‘in thing’ for interior design. 2019, however, will invite rich…

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Which blinds are safest for my child?

It is a common misconception that certain types of blinds are unsafe for children. While this may have been the case in the past, new legal regulations state that all blinds must either be safe by design or possess an approved safety device. This article is going to discuss the consequences of these regulations and explain how potentially hazardous blinds in the past are now completely safe. Past hazards manifested from the loops that were created by dangling cords. These loops presented choking hazards and were therefore deemed dangerous for households with young, wandering children. Today, every single product we sell…

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Which blinds for a bathroom?

When it comes to installing bathroom blinds, it’s important you choose a material and style that is water resistant, mould resistant and provides a moderate to complete amount of privacy. This article will be explaining which blinds are best at fulfilling these three criteria, and will help you transform your bathroom into a beautiful, relaxing environment.   PVC Roller Blinds PVC is a synthetic plastic that can be used in a wide variety of blinds styles; it is a simplistic material, and with an abundance of colours and designs to choose from, it can blend seamlessly into almost every bathroom. PVC…

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Curtains or blinds for patio doors?

Patio doors are an increasingly popular option to the modern home. Typically, patio doors are large, tall doors that exist to bring in lots of natural light and provide an open feel to the patio and garden. We understand that each window and door is different, and so we believe choosing between curtains and blinds to cover your patio doors should not come solely down to personal preference, but should be considered in a number of specific areas. This article will analyse these areas and conclude that blinds are a better choice for patio doors than curtains.   Light Patio doors…

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Which blinds block out the most light?

Your blinds may make your home look like the palace of Versaille, but if they don’t offer your the perfect amount of light control, they aren’t doing their job right. If what you need from the blinds is blackout or as much blackout as possible, then there are specific blinds that will work better than others. You may work irregular shifts or be a fan of afternoon siestas. Whatever the case, here are the ideal blinds for eliminating sunlight. Blackout Blinds To cut to the chase, blackout blinds are a model of blinds that are specifically designed to block out as…

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Does my Landlord have to provide blinds and curtains?

When moving into a new rental property, there are many unknowns that you must tackle before making an informed choice about where to live. One of the important questions we’re happy to answer here is: does a landlord have to provide blinds and curtains for a property by law? There are many laws governing the rights of tenants and this is an often overlooked question. So, let’s take a look.   1. Does a landlord have to provide blinds or curtains? The answer is a resounding ‘no’. It is not mandatory for landlords to provide window furnishings for a rental property…

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