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How do I measure for window blinds? Plantation Shutters in Grimsby

If you’re wondering “How do I measure for window blinds?”, you’re not alone. Many people are confused about how to complete this task accurately and to ensure the best fit for their new blinds. Fortunately, measuring for window blinds isn’t as complex as you might think. You might be pleasantly surprised to see just how straightforward the process can be.  Once you have mastered the art of measuring for blinds, you can go ahead and order beautiful, durable blinds in Grimsby from our fantastic range. Our blind measuring tips should work for you whether you’re installing vertical, Venetian, Roman or roller…

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Can you fit shutters to patio doors? Patio Door Blinds in Lincoln

Are you wondering “Can you fit shutters to patio doors?” If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that the answer is yes. Shutters are a great way to dress these windows, especially as they can fold neatly to the side to give you a clear view of your garden. Below you’ll find everything you need to know when it comes to fitting shutters to your patio doors.    Can you install shutters on patio doors?  The short answer is yes. Not only can you fit shutters to patio doors but they’re arguably one of the best window treatments you can choose for…

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Best Blinds For Your Conservatory

Your conservatory has the potential to be the most luxurious and attractive room in your home, and one of the most important considerations to make when decorating your conservatory is figuring out exactly which blinds will suit it best. No matter how you use your conservatory, blinds are a must; they can really set the tone of the room and there is much more space to install them than in other rooms around the house. Because of this, it can be tough to find the ideal conservatory blinds, so we’ve put together this look at some different styles of blinds to…

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5 Home Decor Tricks to Brighten a Dark Room

When designing the layout and decor of your home, one of the most important considerations is the amount of light each room will receive, making a room a more welcoming and enjoyable environment to spend time in. Some rooms don’t receive enough natural light, whether that’s because of the season, or because they’re on a north/south facing side of the house. These rooms often need a little extra attention to ensure they stay as bright as possible, especially when summer arrives and we all want to enjoy the light! Follow our handy tips below for brightening up a dark room. Choose…

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