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Can you fit shutters to patio doors?

Are you wondering “Can you fit shutters to patio doors?” If so, you’ll be pleased to hear that the answer is yes. Shutters are a great way to dress these windows, especially as they can fold neatly to the side to give you a clear view of your garden. Below you’ll find everything you need to know when it comes to fitting shutters to your patio doors.   

Can you install shutters on patio doors? 

The short answer is yes. Not only can you fit shutters to patio doors but they’re arguably one of the best window treatments you can choose for your home. There’s a great variety of shutter options to choose from, with a fantastic range of colours, finishes and styles to perfectly match your home interiors.

Plantation shutters are a popular choice for patio doors, offering timeless style and excellent durability. With made-to-measure options and a range of styles and fittings available, choosing plantation shutters for your patio doors is a great idea. 

Benefits of fitting shutters to patio doors 

Not only do plantation shutters look great on your patio doors, but they also have several additional benefits, ranging from a stylish appearance to enhanced light control and privacy. 

Sophisticated and versatileSliding Patio Door Blinds in Grimsby

Fitting shutters to your patio doors creates a highly sophisticated finish to your room. Made to measure, a perfect fit can be achieved whatever the size or shape if your patio doors. Shutters become a coherent part of your room rather than just a temporary window dressing.

Shutters are also really versatile regardless of how often you want to update your décor. Whether it’s a complete room update or they’re just in need of a freshen-up, a quick coat of paint and they’re like new.  

Extra insulation 

As plantation shutters are often made of wood or other sturdy materials, they offer better insulation against draughts than fabric window dressings. This can help to save energy, cutting your bills.  

If your patio doors are older rather than new, this is likely to be even more important. With energy saving more crucial than ever right now, investing in shutters could be a wise option. 

Privacy and safety 

Patio door shutters are perfect for homes with small children or pets. This is because they allow you to circulate fresh air without creating a hazard for children or pets that aren’t safe to let outside alone. They also allow you to maintain privacy and prevent prying eyes from looking into your home. They’re another barrier against potential intruders too, providing you with extra peace of mind. 

DIY installation 

With the right preparation and guidance, you can fit shutters to patio doors yourself without having to call in the experts. This can make patio door shutters an even more affordable permanent window treatment. 

Easy to clean and hardwearing 

Unlike fabric window dressings, shutters on your patio doors are easy to wipe clean. There’s no need to make inconvenient trips to the dry cleaners like you might with curtains. They can handle spills and scuffs well, making them ideal for all areas of the home. 

You can also buy faux wood versions which are more resistant to dampness and mould. This makes them suitable for kitchens and open plan kitchen/dining areas which experience a lot of moisture. Plus, unlike curtains and other fabric window treatments, shutters are hardwearing and are designed last a long time before they need replacing. 

Patio Door Blinds in LincolnWhat type of shutters should I choose for patio doors? 

When choosing shutters for your patio doors, there are many options available to you. You’ll need to think about the following: 

Whether you want full-length slats or a half-solid shutter 

Full-length slats allow for light control along the entire length of the door. Comparatively, half-solid shutters offer a barn-like style, with slats only on the top portion of the shutter. 

Your décor and style

Plantation shutters come in different materials depending on your needs. Wood is a popular choice, however, you can also get shutters in more durable faux wood and even aluminium. 

The room they’re in 

The shutters you choose for patio doors in your living room may be different than for another room, such as your kitchen. Whilst natural wood shutters are likely to last many years in your living room, aluminium or faux wood may be a more durable option for your kitchen. 

The size of your doors and how they’ll look

Track shutters will give you more stability given the size of the area being covered. There are two types to choose from – bi-folding shutters, which fold away when you open them, and bypass shutters, where one shutter slides behind the other. You can also install 3-sided tracks which prevent you from having to walk over a bottom ridge when going in and out. 

What to consider before fitting shutters to your patio doors 

Patio doors are relatively easy to fit yourself at home without needing to bring in the experts. However, it’s important to make sure you get all the information and advice you need beforehand so that you don’t make a costly mistake. 

Your window size, how you want your shutter configured, and the particular shutter you buy, all affect how you measure and fit them. If you’re not the DIY type, our expert team can install your patio door shutters for you. We provide a fantastic range of patio door shutters in Grimsby and can take all the hassle out of their installation. 

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