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Which blinds are safest for my child?

Many people ask Which blinds are safest for my child? It is a common misconception that certain types of blinds are unsafe for children. While this may have been the case in the past, new legal regulations state that all blinds must either be safe by design or possess an approved safety device. This article is going to discuss the consequences of these regulations and explain how potentially hazardous blinds in the past are now completely safe.

Past hazards manifested from the loops that were created by dangling cords. These loops presented choking hazards and were therefore deemed dangerous for households with young, wandering children. Today, every single product we sell is made to the strictest child-safety standards. We adhere to this by adapting the design of the corded blind to instead use safe, loop-free alternatives.

ROLLER BLINDSAutomated Roller Blinds in Grimsby

Our roller blinds are entirely safe and can be operated in a variety of ways. As standard, our roller blinds incorporate a pull cord — a single string that rolls down the blind when pulled. Unlike looped cords of the past, the pull cords are a single vertical string that don’t loop back on themselves.

We also provide a variety of other cordless mechanisms to operate your roller blinds. Wands are a great choice as they are both elegant and extremely simple to operate; simply twist your wand to roll your blinds down and then twist it the other way to roll your blinds up. We can adjust your wand to any height you’d like, making it perfect for windows that are high up – such as skylight windows – or for users that are low down, such as wheelchair users. Regardless, the lack of loops makes wands completely safe to use.


Electric blinds cut out the middleman and offer unparalleled levels of child safety by not using cords, wands or any manual instruments to operate. Simply press a button on your remote control and your electric blinds will extend and retract at your command. For added safety we use batteries for our blinds instead of wires.

perfect fit roller blinds


These blinds are aptly named as such because they fit perfectly within the recess of your window. Without room for any wands or cords, perfect fit blinds operate with a manual pull. This smooth operation is as simple as it is safe, all the while keeping your blinds contained in the recess with pinpoint accuracy.

Other ways to keep your children safe around blinds

To give our customers the best flexibility while ensuring the highest standards of safety, we offer almost every variety of our operational mechanisms on each of our blinds styles. Pull cords, wands and motorisation can be used for Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, pleated blinds and more. In addition, we also offer sliders, enclosed chains and chain break connectors. Take a look at our wide range to find the perfect blind for you. We have a bespoke service available to tailor-make blinds just the way you want them. This includes blinds style and operation, but also extends to design, colour, fabric and more.

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