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Are shutters better than blinds? 

If you’re looking for the perfect way to dress your windows, you may be wondering “Are shutters better than blinds?” This is a common question asked by those who are seeking the right window treatments for their home. Read on to find out which is better out of shutters and blinds. 

What are shutters?

Shutters in Grimsby

Shutters are basically a frame that’s filled with either louvres or a solid panel. Often hinged together to cover bigger windows, they can be pulled back away from the window, or the louvres can be opened or closed. Shutters come in a range of materials, with wood and aluminium the most popular. Different slat sizes are available too to meet your needs. Keep reading to learn the answer to “Are shutters better than blinds?”

What are the benefits of shutters?

Shutters come with various benefits that make them one of the most sought-after window coverings on the market today. Aside from being incredibly stylish, they also offer fantastic light and privacy control and are very low maintenance too. Some of the biggest advantages of shutters can be found below. 

Light control 

The main benefit of shutters is that they have a slatted design that allows for the precision filtering of sunlight through a window. This gives you maximum control over how much natural light is allowed to enter a space. You can flood a room with daylight or block it completely, creating the ideal environment at any given time. Shutters allow you to balance your light and privacy needs perfectly.

Reduce heat loss 

If you’re looking for window coverings that will help keep your home warm, look no further than shutters. When closed, shutters can reduce heat loss by more than 50%, according to a study by The English Heritage. They are excellent insulators, trapping the cold air between the shutter and window. Plantation shutters are one of the most energy-efficient window coverings on the market, reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain during the summer months. 

Low maintenance

Shutter Fitters in Grimsby
Shutter Fitters in Grimsby

Shutters are one of the most low-maintenance window coverings out there. Extremely hardwearing, they tend to be robust enough to withstand most of what daily life has to throw at them. Shutters don’t require a great deal of maintenance, however, this doesn’t mean they’re maintenance-free. You’ll need to run a cloth or duster over the louvres once a week to keep them looking their best. If you need any advice on looking after your shutters, don’t hesitate to talk to our team. We can provide guidance on how to keep your shutters looking great over time. 


When considering the question are shutters better than blinds, don’t forget to take into account their appearance. Shutters are renowned for their stylish looks and for adding a wealth of elegance to a room. Whilst blinds can also enhance a space brilliantly, shutters are often seen as a more premier, high-end solution. They’re suited to any home style too, integrating well into both traditional and contemporary living quarters. Shutters can come in various colours to meet your tastes and existing décor. 

Should I choose shutters or blinds?

Whether you choose shutters or blinds for your property depends on a variety of factors. You’ll need to consider not just the look you want to achieve for your windows but how much control you want to have over light and privacy. Your budget will also need to be taken into account too since shutters are generally more expensive than blinds. If you’re not sure whether to choose shutters or blinds, talk to our team today. We can advise you of your options, even visiting you at home to show you samples of our window coverings. We can help you to select the perfect shutters at the right price.

In terms of whether shutters are better than blinds, this isn’t an easy question to answer. Even though shutters come with a whole host of benefits, there are many reasons to opt for blinds too. Blinds come with many fantastic qualities that make them a fantastic choice of window covering. Like shutters, they offer light and privacy control, help to keep your home warm, and are available in a wide range of styles and colours to suit your requirements. 

Buy made to measure shutters in Grimsby 

If you’re looking to buy shutters for your home or business, look no further than Humberside Sunblinds. As the leading supplier of quality shutters in Grimsby, we’re confident that we can assist you. We supply shutters in various styles, ranging from Perfect Fit which allows you to completely blackout a room if required to automated options which can be controlled from wherever you are using a remote or smartphone app. 

When you order shutters from Humberside Sunblinds, you can expect to receive a first-class service from start to finish. We provide free measuring and fitting, with our team coming out to your property to carry out accurate measurements and then install them to the very highest standards. 

We’ve been offering shutters and blinds to people in Grimsby and the surrounding areas for over two decades, giving us a huge amount of experience in the industry. We’re able to manufacture shutters to fit all sizes and styles of windows, even those that are awkwardly shaped like circular windows. 

Contact us 

For high-quality shutters in Grimsby, get in touch with Humberside Sunblinds. We offer a fantastic range of shutters and blinds at highly competitive prices. Call 01469 664 017 to discuss your requirements with one of our team. Alternatively, send us a message via the website and we’ll contact you as soon as we can. You’re more than welcome to visit our blinds showroom on Manby Road, which is the largest in the whole of Lincolnshire. 


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