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What are the current blind trends for 2022? [infographic]

Are you wondering “What are the current blind trends for 2022?” If so, read on. We’ve compiled a list of the top blind styles right now, ranging from Perfect Fit and Duette to automated blinds featuring the latest technology. Read on to find out more.  

What Are The Current Blind Trends For 2022

The top blind styles right now 

BAy Window Blinds

Blind trends are shifting all the time to meet people’s changing needs. From innovative styles designed to increase light control to those aimed at supporting easier operation, there are blinds to suit a whole range of requirements. At Humberside Sunblinds, we’ve sourced the most up-to-date blinds on the market right now, ensuring we can offer our valued customers a fantastic choice of products to meet their needs and budgets. Talk to our team to discuss your requirements for your new blinds. 

Perfect Fit blinds

Perfect Fit blinds were introduced to the market back in 2005 and were met with a hugely positive reaction. They remain just as popular today, with many people choosing them because they work with windows of all shapes and sizes, even awkward styles like tilt and turn. They fit directly onto windows, allowing them to move more freely and creating less clutter than many other types of blinds. One of the biggest benefits of Perfect Fit blinds is that they are so easy to install. No drilling, tools or fittings are needed since they fit directly onto the window. This makes them a good option for rental properties in which drilling into the walls isn’t allowed. 

Duette blinds 

Dubbed “the next best thing to double glazing”, Duette Blinds are highly effective at stopping heat or cold air from escaping. Their cells form insulating air traps, whilst the fabric reflects heat. The overall effect is to keep a room warm in winter and cool in the summer. As well as saving energy, Duette blinds can also help to cut your bills. At Humberside Sunblinds, we offer Duette blinds in a range of colours and textures, including blackout to create total darkness and sheer for a barely-there look. 

Automated blinds

When our customers ask us “What are the current blind trends for 2022?”, we always say automated blinds. Automated blinds have rocketed in popularity in recent years as people look to simplify the operation of their window coverings. These blinds are operated by a motor which is situated within the roller mechanism. The motors can be wired, battery or even solar-powered, with the blinds easily adjustable using either a switch, remote control or an app on your smartphone. 

With automated blinds, you can control your blinds from wherever you are. This is ideal if you’re away from home, you have poor mobility and can’t operate them yourself, or you have lots of windows. Smart blinds can be used with smart home systems, including Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Nest. They can be incorporated with virtual assistants such as Google Assistant or Alexa and operated using just your voice. 

Teal honeycomb blinds

Faux wood blinds

Wooden blinds have always been a popular choice in homes across the UK. However, more recently, faux wood blinds have become fashionable. Not only do they offer the same warm, natural appearance as wood but they’re a lot more durable. Made from composite PVC, there’s no risk of them becoming warped or cracked due to high humidity. This makes them suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. They’re also a lot easier to maintain than real wood blinds, requiring little more than a wipe down to keep them looking their best. 

One of the biggest benefits of choosing faux wood blinds over real wood is that they’re much more affordable. If you’re looking for the beauty of wooden blinds but without the extra cost, faux wood blinds are a great option. Humberside Sunblinds is one of the leading suppliers of faux wood blinds in Grimsby, offering them a wide range of colours and designs.  

Shop for your perfect blinds in Grimsby

Blinds can enhance the look of a room whilst offering unbeatable light and privacy control. If you’re looking to buy blinds in Grimsby or the surrounding area, look no further than Humberside Sunblinds. We are the leading supplier and installer of blinds in the region, offering styles, designs and colours to suit a wealth of needs and tastes. 

We’ve built up an enviable reputation for ourselves, becoming renowned for our high-quality products and professional service. Our prices are some of the most competitive in the area too, with our blinds representing fantastic value for money. Whether you’re looking for blinds for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or even a commercial space such as an office, we can assist.

Free measuring and fitting 

When you order blinds from Humberside Sunblinds, you’ll benefit from a free measuring and fitting service. One of our experienced fitters will come out to your home or office in order to measure up your windows. We’ll make sure your blinds fit exactly, achieving a perfect finish that enhances your room. We’ll show you how to operate them too, making sure you know how they work before we leave. Measuring and fitting are included in the cost of your blinds, making purchasing new window coverings for your property more affordable than ever. 

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