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How to Choose New Kitchen Curtains

Curtains or blinds? It’s an age-old question asked by newly minted homeowners everywhere. And it’s not just those looking to brighten up a new home; restyling the kitchen of your family home can throw up the very same dilemma. If you’re stuck wondering about the pros and cons of each, well think no more. This month, we’re delving into the benefits and drawbacks of kitchen blinds and curtains.

Blinds in the kitchen

We have an entire article dedicated to the humble kitchen blind, so let’s have a recap here and to get a full overview, head over to our Blinds for the Kitchen page on our blog.

For the short and skinny, roller blinds, Venetian blinds and vertical blinds are ideal candidates for your kitchen. However, to ensure your blinds last a lifetime, choose a material that can be easily wiped clean. This will give kudos in two ways.

Firstly – and rather obviously – any spits or spills from liquids throughout the kitchen will lift from the fabric easily using a wet cloth. Secondly, humid air will not affect the fabric in the same way as untreated textile fabric. So you can be confident of enjoying a mould and mildew-free kitchen.

Curtains in the kitchen

Curtains offer a very traditional aesthetic to a kitchen and can be a wonderful addition to your decor. Opt for made-to-measure curtains in any number of fabrics and you’ll be assured of a bespoke fit that matches your style exactly.

Colours for kitchen curtains and Roman blinds

You will be rightly tempted to choose a colour of curtain for your kitchen that will brighten up space and bring light into the room. Oranges and yellows are naturally cheery colours and are great for any kitchen. Alternatively, you can choose to match your curtains with your appliances, such as the kettle, toaster and microwave if you have a colour scheme already in place.

Whichever colour or colours you choose, be mindful of where in the kitchen the curtains are located. Typically, they will be above the sink. Although sinks are not the primary location for frying pan spits and spilt liquids, they are not exempt from being a messy area in the kitchen. Therefore, weigh up your colour choice with the likelihood of the curtains becoming stained by leftovers and dirty dishwater from the sink, or wherever in the kitchen your windows happen to be.

Types of kitchen curtain

Kitchens often contain a humid and steamy atmosphere complete with grease and airborne odours that stick to fabrics. It’s therefore essential that your kitchen curtains are easy-care curtains that are washable. Polyester curtains are ideal, as the plastic-based fibres are resistant to odour, easily wiped down and will dry quickly when washed. For more information about kitchen curtains, be sure to contact your local blinds and curtain specialist.


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