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Can Blinds Improve Happiness?

It’s no secret that we’ve been making our customers happy for over 40 years. By offering a huge selection of blinds designs and styles, as well as staying on the cutting edge of blinds innovation, we’ve managed to attain one of the best reputations for satisfactory service.

However, it’s not just our service that makes customers happy. Many of our blinds can directly impact and improve our customer’s happiness, through boosts to both their mental and physical health. We’re going to be exploring how the colour, fabric and operation of our products can increase your mood and overall well-being.

Color Psychology

Particular colours can evoke particular emotional responses when observed. Blue, for example, evokes a feeling of calm and tranquillity in the observer. Consequently, blue blinds are often implemented in areas where people are susceptible to stress, such as home offices or commercial waiting rooms.

Installing colourful blinds that evoke feelings of happiness can instantly lift your mood. Yellow and orange are what are known as ‘warm’ colours. These have been shown to provide a feeling of comfort to those who observe them. Immersing yourself in such a comforting environment day-in and day-out will likely see your mood enhanced.

Improving hay fever symptoms

Our minds and bodies are very closely linked. When our body suffers, so too does our mind.

Hay fever affects a huge proportion of people during the spring months. The abundance of pollen in the air causes nasty allergic reactions that manifest through a number of different symptoms. These ill effects often negatively impact the mental health of those who are suffering.

Pollergen blinds are an effective solution to hay fever. Utilising a pollen-screening fabric, pollergen blinds are designed to denature up to 50% of pollen and dust when they come into contact with the fabric, making the air cleaner and reducing your symptoms.

The effects of natural sunlight

Natural sunlight has been shown to provide numerous health benefits. Unlike artificial light, natural sunlight boosts the body’s vitamin D storage, lowers the risk of nearsightedness and improves mood. The latter is achieved through the release of serotonin, the hormone responsible for providing happiness in the brain. Without enough natural light, serotonin levels drop. This can cause Seasonal Affective Disorder, an ailment where feelings of sadness become especially prevalent during the colder, darker seasons.

Here at Humberside Sunblinds, we offer a huge range of blinds, available in a wealth of colours, fabrics and operations. Our bespoke service offers you the chance to tailor your blinds exactly how you’d like them, and our team will offer you free, friendly advice to help. To enquire about any of our products, give our team a call today.


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