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2019 Blinds Design Trends

A new year has arrived, and last year’s now-dated interior designs trends are being left behind in 2018, alongside plastic straws, ‘dabbing’ and meat-only sausage rolls.
This means that 2019 will summon a wave of fresh new styles and trends, applying not least to window blinds in all areas of the home. This article is going to look at what 2019 has in store, and will help you to decide which style of blinds to choose out of our near-unlimited range.

Colour, colour colour

2018 saw a minimalist approach as the ‘in thing’ for interior design. 2019, however, will invite rich colour palettes into the home. Blinds will likely be bursting with deep, contrasting colours that promote a young, modern vibe. Plus, by choosing to incorporate these colours on blinds, you have an option to retract the fabric and reduce the amount of colour when needed. This is a significant benefit for the colourful blind, as opposed to the colorful wall, for example.
Floral patterns
Floral patterns reform from one decade to the next, but flowers are predicted to be the pattern of 2019. Blinds adorned with an array of beautiful flowers will be a significant part of this, and with Humberside Sunblinds’ bespoke service, we can create blinds that feature this — or any pattern of your choosing.


Eco-friendly furniture and appliances will be a big hit this year, and so we predict green will be a popular colour theme, offering a natural, calming feel to a room. There is a wide array of greens to choose from, and each one can give your blind — and the room it inhabits — a slightly different feel. You could opt for a classic chartreuse or a classy martini olive.
Mixing it up
No longer will a room be required to match from corner to corner. 2019 is going to be the year of mixing different styles and colours. The emergence of this trend stems from celebrating individuality; each facet of your personality, style and tastes are on display, combining to create a room that encapsulates your unique identity as a whole.
This is great news for blinds. No longer will your window coverings have to match in colour and style. Instead, choose a variety that appeal to you, and mix and match your room with a host of different looks. There’s a wealth of styles, designs, colours and fabrics to choose from — and so no shortage of options.

Electric blinds

We’re currently living in a technology-obsessed world, and things aren’t going to slow down in 2019. Blinds that uniformly extend and retract at the touch of a button are destined to become the hot topic of homes this year, and a huge range are already available to purchase from Humberside Sunblinds. Opt for electric blackout blinds for that cinematic feel, or choose a splash of colour to instantly modernise your home — all at the touch of a button.

At Humberside Sunblinds, we offer a huge array of blinds, each of which can be customised to suit your personal specifications. From blackout blinds to twist vision blinds, our product range is extensive. All our blinds can be made bespoke to your own window and door, and many are available to view right now from our showroom in Lincolnshire. Come and visit at your leisure, or for any questions about the extensive range of products and services we offer, give our friendly team a call today.

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