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Which blinds for a bathroom?

When it comes to installing bathroom blinds, it’s important you choose a material and style that is water resistant, mould resistant and provides a moderate to complete amount of privacy. This article will be explaining which blinds are best at fulfilling these three criteria, and will help you transform your bathroom into a beautiful, relaxing environment.


PVC Roller Blinds

PVC is a synthetic plastic that can be used in a wide variety of blinds styles; it is a simplistic material, and with an abundance of colours and designs to choose from, it can blend seamlessly into almost every bathroom. PVC has waterproof and blackout qualities which make it perfectly suited to use in a bathroom. In addition, the material is synthetic and so doesn’t start to mould when exposed to a moist environment.

If complete privacy is what you’re looking for, roller blinds or perfect fit blinds are a great option as they cover the window entirely. Opting to use PVC as the material will create a completely opaque surface when the blinds are pulled down, giving you complete privacy to feel comfortable in your bathroom.


Faux Wooden Venetian blinds

Faux wood blinds are a top choice for bathrooms due to their natural feel. They provide a warmth to your bathroom and look great in most typical bathroom designs. Faux wood is waterproof and, just like PVC, doesn’t grow mould due to the synthetic material that it’s comprised of. Faux wooden blinds are typically found in a Venetian style, however, Humberside sunblinds offer faux wood in a huge variety of blind styles.

Faux wooden Venetian blinds offer privacy control. Simple to operate, a turn of the wand will can change your blinds to completely closed, for when you’re bathing or showering, to open and bright for when you want to bring natural light into the room. Whether open or closed, wooden blinds look great and continue to emanate a warm, natural feel.


Polyester Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds offer a happy medium between complete blackout and entirely open. With vertical blinds, each slat can be rotated 180 degrees, offering precise light control. With vertical blinds, the slats can be turned slightly so that they invite in a lot of light whilst still blocking anyone from being able to peek in from outside.

Choosing a light-coloured polyester for vertical blinds will still allow some light to filter into the room, even when fully rotated to the ‘closed’ position. Additionally, the polyester is mould-proof and waterproof, and so will continue to look and work well, even in damp conditions.

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