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What are the eco-friendly benefits to using blinds and shutters?

Are you in the process of choosing window coverings for your home? If so, you may be wondering “What are the eco-friendly benefits to using blinds and shutters?” These days, most people are keen to make their properties a bit greener and are seeking ways to do this whilst still adding style to their living spaces. Read on to find out why blinds and shutters are the eco-friendly solutions you’ve been looking for. 

Blinds, shutters and the environment

Up until now, you may not have considered the environment when updating your window dressings. However, with manufacturers now focussing on designing eco-friendly blinds and shutters to help you create a greener home, they provide an easy way to help you do your bit for the environment. After all, even the smallest changes we can make in our buying habits can make a significant difference. These days, asking yourself whether something is eco-friendly should extend to every aspect of your home. Read on to find out what are the eco-friendly benefits to using blinds and shutters.

What makes blinds and shutters eco-friendly?

What are the eco-friendly benefits to using blinds and shutters?

When shopping for window coverings for your home, it makes sense to opt for blinds or shutters. They have various qualities that make them more eco-friendly than other types, such as curtains. At Humberside Sunblinds, we’re always looking to expand our range of energy-efficient blinds. We’re proud of our green credentials and our commitment to helping our customers adopt more environmentally friendly lifestyles.

Insulative properties 

Did you know that a staggering 40% of your home’s energy could be escaping straight out of the window? That’s more than the amount lost through the walls and roof. This heat loss is caused by radiation through the glazing, convection within the cavity, and conduction through the window frame. Air leakage can also contribute, particularly if windows are old or have been poorly installed. To reduce the amount of heat escaping through your windows, take a closer look at your window coverings. 

Whilst curtains aren’t very effective at stopping heat from escaping, blinds and shutters are much more efficient. They can seal the opening of a window completely without gaps, preventing heat from leaking out. For shutters, opt for those made from wood since it’s a naturally insulating material. For blinds, we recommend Twist Vision blinds or Duette blinds. These two types of blinds have been specially designed to retain heat and help keep rooms warm. 

Bring in natural light

Shaped Shutters in Grimsby

Since blinds and shutters allow you to control light effectively, they can help you reduce your reliance on artificial lighting sources. So, when the sun is shining too much on a bright day, you can simply adjust the louvres to limit the light but without removing it altogether. You can filter it to meet your needs. This means you won’t need to turn the lights on in your home to achieve your desired lighting level. Whilst most blinds and shutters offer great light control, vertical and Venetian styles are amongst the best. Newer styles have emerged in recent years that may be even better. These include Vision blinds that allow you to balance light and privacy control effectively.

Use sustainable materials

Many blinds manufacturers are using sustainable materials in their products, making them ideal for people looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Duette blinds are made from recycled materials, whilst the most common materials for shutters – PVC and real wood – are known for their sustainability. What’s also important to consider is the quality and longevity of blinds and shutters in Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Lincoln.  When you purchase them from a leading manufacturer like Humberside Sunblinds, you can rest assured that they are made to last and able to withstand the test of time. 

Unlike curtains that tend to require frequent repairs or begin to look out of date after just a few years, blinds and shutters are far more long-lasting. Made from durable materials and timeless in their style, you can expect them to take pride of place in your home for many years to come. Less repairing and replacing of your window coverings means that less material is wasted in the long run – an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint!

Low maintenance

Unlike fabric curtains that are notorious for being high-maintenance, blinds and shutters are much easier to care for. Curtains can get very dirty, particularly at the top and within the folds. They require regular washing which can impact the environment over time, particularly with so much wasted electricity and water. In comparison, blinds and shutters need little more than a wipe down with a damp cloth every so often to keep them looking their best. Without the need for regular washing with damaging cleaning materials, shutters are far more eco-friendly than alternatives like curtains. 

Shop for eco-friendly blinds at Humberside Sunblinds

“What are the eco-friendly benefits to using blinds and shutters?” is one of the most common questions we get asked here at Humberside Sunblinds. This goes to show that more and more people are considering the environmental impacts of their buying decisions. Eco-friendly blinds and shutters are frequently being placed at the top of people’s wish lists when shopping for window coverings for their homes. 

We stock a fantastic range of blinds, ranging from the ever-popular roller, Roman and pleated blinds to more modern styles like Perfect Fit and Duette. Our selection of shutters is equally impressive, with eco-friendly PVC and wooden shutters being popular options. At Humberside Sunblinds, we offer a complimentary measuring and fitting service. This ensures that your new blinds or shutters will fit your windows perfectly, enhancing your room and letting you enjoy the many eco-friendly benefits they offer.     

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