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How to create your perfect cinema room [Infographic]

Do you love nothing more than watching blockbuster movies or the best world sport on the big screen? If so, you may be dreaming of creating a cinema room in your home. The good news is that you can easily turn your fantasy into reality with a few simple steps. Read on to find out how to create your perfect cinema room and bring the cinema experience into your home.

How to create your perfect cinema
How to create your perfect cinema

Why build a home cinema room 

Visiting the cinema is one of the UK’s most popular recreational activities, with millions of us heading to the big screen every weekend to catch the latest thrillers. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has stopped moviegoers in their tracks, shutting cinemas across the country for months on end. So, it’s no surprise that more and more of us are creating our own cinema rooms. With a huge TV or projector, state of the art audio equipment, and the right lighting, you can bring the joy of the cinema into your home. One thing spurring many people on is the upcoming Euro 2020 championships. Being able to watch the biggest international football games on the big screen is surely worth creating a home cinema for! 

Build a cinema room in your home – top tips

Building a cinema room may be a lot easier than you think. Whilst it’s certainly possible to spend thousands on creating a cinema within your home, you don’t need to. You can easily create a cinema room on a budget, particularly since prices on top of the range TVs and projectors are continually dropping. Take some time to get not just the technical details of your home cinema set up correctly, but also the design and ambience. One thing to consider is how to make the room dark enough to enjoy that classic cinema vibe that we all know and love. 

Choose the right room for your home cinema

You may already know which room you want to build your home cinema in. However, it’s important to ensure it’s suitable before you start kitting it out with the latest tech. Is there enough space for comfy home cinema seating? Can you make the room dark enough to create the mood you desire? Another factor to consider is whether the room will have another use. For example, will it be used as a living room throughout the day before turning into a cinema at night? If so, you’ll need to consider this when planning the design of the room.

Block out light using blackout blinds

Many people focus on purchasing the best quality tech when setting up a cinema in their homes. However, it’s important not to overlook the issue of lighting. Too much natural light in your cinema room can impact not just the mood and ambience, but the quality of the viewing experience itself. Natural light can cause on-screen images to appear less vibrant. The good news is that you can prevent light from seeping into your cinema room quite affordably when you invest in blackout blinds in Grimsby, Cleethorpes, or Lincoln. 

Blackout blinds from Humberside Sunblinds not only stop any light entering through your windows but also keep sound in. This allows you to control the acoustics. Blackout materials add a thick, rubber-like layer to blinds, prevent noise from penetrating the room. The great thing about blackout blinds is that if you are using your cinema room as a living room throughout the day, you can easily raise them to let daylight in as required.  

Choose the right TV or projector

Times have changed in the world of home cinema. Whilst projectors were once the first choice for those seeking a top-quality viewing experience, TVs are now widely considered the best option. Projectors may produce bigger images, however, they can easily become faded if the room has too much natural light. The performance of a projector largely relies on the darkness of a room. This makes investing in high-quality blackout blinds even more important. 

Prices on top of the range TVs complete with smart features and unbeatable audio are more affordable than ever too. This makes them an even more appealing alternative to projectors. With incredible performance that far exceeds most projectors, it’s easy to see why TVs are outplaying these traditional cinematic devices in the home cinema market. 

Get the audio right 

Audio is just as important as the image quality in a home cinema. The sound that comes at us from all angles is what makes movies such an immersive experience. It places us at the centre of the action, making us feel as if we’re really there. So, it’s worth investing some time and money into setting up a decent surround sound system. When it comes to deciding how many speakers you want in your cinema room, think about the room size and layout as well as the seating positions. Position the speakers very carefully. Placing them in the wrong location in your room can impact their performance. Keep in mind that the surrounds should be slightly higher than the front speakers in the room.

Creating a cinema room can allow you to enjoy the best movies, TV, and sports on the big screen without even leaving your home. However, before splashing your cash on a powerful projector or booming surround sound system, we recommend getting the ambience right within the room. This means setting the right mood with total darkness which lets you fully appreciate what you’re watching on the screen in front of you. 

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