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What are the best blinds for 2023?

Blinds remain one of the most popular types of window covering this year, renowned not just for their stylish appearance but their light control abilities and energy-saving properties. Read on to discover what are the best blinds for 2023. 

The top 5 blinds for your home 

Deciding you want to install blinds in your home is easy due to the many benefits they bring. However, knowing what style to opt for can be a little more challenging. There are countless options on the market right now, ranging from classic styles like roller and Roman to more modern alternatives such as Perfect Fit and Duette. 

At Humberside Sunblinds, we make it our business to source the best, most innovative solutions, giving you a fantastic choice of blinds for your home. What’s more is that we can measure and fit them for free, ensuring an exceptional finish for your windows. Keep reading to find out what are the best blinds for 2023. 

Roller blinds Patio Door Blinds in Lincoln

Roller blinds have been around for hundreds of years. However, they’re still one of the most stylish and practical window coverings on the market. Not only do they come in many designs and colours but they are very durable and easy to maintain. They’re also pretty energy efficient too since they can help to prevent heat from escaping from a room. Roller blinds are ideal for various rooms of the home, including those that are high in moisture such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Perfect Fit blinds

Perfect Fit blinds have remained incredibly popular since they hit the market back in 2005. They’ve fast become the first-choice window covering for homes and offices throughout the country. The main benefit of Perfect Fit blinds is that they’re suitable for most windows, including those that are awkwardly shaped. This is because they clip directly onto the glass part of the window, with no drilling or screwing required. They are particularly useful for tilt and turn windows since they allow them to move more freely without obstruction. Perfect Fit blinds come in various styles, including roller, pleated and Venetian, to name a few.

Duette blinds 

With energy efficiency more important than ever, it’s no surprise that Duette blinds are at the height of popularity. Their unique honeycomb structure traps air effectively, preventing heat loss by as much as 55%. Not only do they keep rooms warm in the winter but they can keep the heat out in summer too. Duette blinds are the leading energy-saving blind on the market right now, popular with many people who are keen to reduce their energy usage and slash their bills. 

Faux wood blinds

Faux wood blinds are in high demand this year. Whilst they possess the same warm and natural appearance as real wood blinds, they’re more durable and easier to maintain. Unlike wood blinds which tend to warp to some extent over time, they are resistant to moisture and so can be installed in humid rooms like the bathroom and kitchen. You can expect your blinds to stay looking and performing their best long into the future. Faux wood blinds come in the Venetian style. This means they have slats which can be easily adjusted to let in just the right amount of light. 

Automated blinds 

Automated blinds (also known as smart blinds) are window coverings operated by a motor which is within the roller mechanism. These motors can be either wired or powered by battery or solar, and the blinds are easily adjustable using a switch, remote control or smartphone app. They can be operated from wherever you are, whether that’s in the comfort of your armchair or away on holiday. Smart blinds can be connected to smart home systems like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Nest. When they’re linked with Alexa or Google Assistant, you can control them using just your voice. At Humberside Sunblinds, we offer automated blinds in a wide range of styles, designs and colours to suit your needs and tastes.

Bow Window Blinds in GrimsbyWindow blinds in Grimsby 

Now you know what are the best blinds for 2023, you may be looking to place an order with us. At Humberside Sunblinds, we have been supplying window blinds in Grimsby and the surrounding areas for many years, becoming well-known for our high-quality products and professional service. 

We offer blinds in a huge range of styles, colours, and fabrics. This means you can expect to find the perfect blinds to meet your needs, tastes and existing décor. Whether you’re seeking opulent Roman blinds for your living room, durable waterproof blinds for the bathroom or bright and cheerful roller blinds for your child’s bedroom, we can assist. 

Our blinds are all made to the highest standards from quality materials, ensuring fantastic durability and performance for many years to come. If you’re not sure which blinds to choose for your property, talk to our team who will be happy to advise you.

Free measuring and fitting service 

One of the key benefits of choosing Humberside Sunblinds for window blinds in Grimsby is that we offer free measuring and fitting as part of our service. This means that we’ll come out to your home to take accurate measurements of your windows, making sure that your blinds will fit perfectly when we come back to install them. We’ll ensure a flawless finish for your new window coverings. 

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