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How to Clean your Shutters

Shutters can be a great addition to any home. Not only can they provide excellent light control but they can help you create an elegant and unique look that boosts the overall appeal of the space. However, since shutters can gather a great deal of dust, dirt and grime over time, it’s important to clean them regularly to keep them looking their best. Fortunately, cleaning shutters is usually a quick and straightforward task. Read on to find out how to clean your shutters to ensure they continue looking and performing their best. 

Why is it so important to keep your shutters clean?

There are many reasons to make an effort to keep your shutters clean. As well as enhancing their visual appeal, regular cleaning can stop them from warping and rotting, extending their lifespan. Additionally, cleaning your shutters helps you to keep your space healthy and illnesses at bay. This is because it allows you to reduce the number of allergens and dust particles in the air. Maintaining the cleanliness of your shutters will also ensure that they operate smoothly and remain able to serve their purpose. Keep reading to learn how to clean your shutters effectively.

How to keep your shutters clean 

Wooden shutters What are the eco-friendly benefits to using blinds and shutters?

Wooden shutters are well known for their classic and timeless appeal. However, they need to be treated gently to prevent damage from occurring. To keep your wooden shutters clean, you can start by vacuuming the slats with a soft brush attachment. This will help you to remove any dust that has accumulated over time. You can then use a dusting cloth or a brush to deal with any particles that remain. If you have any particularly stubborn dirt patches to treat, you can use a damp cloth with water or a small brush. Avoid using harsh chemicals if you can as these can damage the wood. Once you have cleaned the dirty areas, dry them quickly so you can prevent water damage.

PVC shutters

Some people prefer to install PVC shutters because they are more durable and capable of tolerating harsher cleaning products and solutions. You can generally keep these shutters clean by using a vacuum and cloth. However, if you do have any tougher stains to remove you can use a wet cloth or a stronger cleaning product. Make sure you wipe down each slat and the frame thoroughly to get rid of any dust that’s settled.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters often need more attention than other types of shutters, but you can normally keep them looking great by dusting them regularly with a microfibre or disposable dusting cloth. Make sure that you dust from top to bottom and treat and clean each slat as well as the frame. If you need to carry out any deeper cleaning, you can use a damp cloth or a brush. You can use a detergent solution if you have any stubborn grime to get rid of. Rinse with plain water afterwards so you can remove any soap residue.

More tips for keeping your shutters clean

Keep an eye on shutters in different parts of your home. Some shutters may need more regular cleaning if they are in specific rooms and can accumulate dirt faster. Kitchen shutters often need to be cleaned more regularly because of grease stains and airborne food particles. By regularly maintaining and cleaning your shutters, you can protect their aesthetic appeal and keep them operating smoothly for years to come.

Using the right cleaning methods for your type of shutters is essential to avoid damaging them. Whether you have wooden, PVC, or plantation shutters, sticking to a regular cleaning routine will keep them looking great and working brilliantly for years to come.

Why have shutters remained so popular over the years?

Shutters have a timeless and versatile appeal that’s ensured they’ve remained a popular choice for many years. They can add a dash of elegance and sophistication to any space and are suitable for a wealth of architectural styles. This is why they’re so often seen in both modern and traditional properties. There are many styles, colours and materials to choose from too, ensuring they cater to many different tastes and preferences. 

Importantly, shutters also give you a great deal of control over the amount of natural light that enters your space and can help you maintain a high level of privacy when you close them. They can help you insulate your home to keep energy use and bills down.

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