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How to Clean your Shutters

Shutters can give any room or window an elegant, unique and attractive look, especially when they are first installed. But over time it’s natural for your shutters to collect dust, dirt and general grime that can detract from the beauty they bring to the home.

The team here at Humberside Sunblinds are well versed in many varieties of shutters, so we have put together this guide on how to keep your shutters clean – even if they’ve been left to fend for themselves since you put them up.

Different styles

Different shutters will require slightly different methods of cleaning so it’s important to pay attention to which style of shutter you need to clean to avoid using chemicals or solutions which might end up proving harmful.

Wooden shutters

Wooden shutters are simple to clean and should only require the attention of a vacuum and duster. Water should be avoided to prevent warping or, worse, rot, which is commonly caused by water being left to soak directly into the wood.

Gently vacuum the slats using a soft brush head attachment. This should remove most of the dust accumulated on the slats. Next use a dusting cloth or brush and run this over both sides of each slat to catch any dust the vacuum might have missed. You will also want to use the brush to clean parts of the shutter that the vacuum struggles to reach, such as the top and bottom of the shutter and where the shutter meets the window frame.

For more thorough cleaning, if you spot patches of harder to remove dirt, first try using a small brush to remove the patch. If that doesn’t work then apply a small amount of water to the cloth and scrub the area thoroughly. Gentle cleaning solution may be used instead of water, but keep in mind that harsher chemicals will damage the wood. Once the dirt has been removed make sure to dry the area as quickly as possible to avoid any water damage that we mentioned earlier on.

PVC shutters

PVC shutters can be cleaned using harsher cleaning solutions than those used for wooden shutters, but the same manner of dusting and brushing works just as well if you’re doing regular dusting and keeping your shutters clear from heavy, hard to remove dirt. Again, a vacuum cleaner and cloth used on each individual slat and the frame should remove most, if not all, settled dust on the shutters.

For harder to shift patches of grime first try scrubbing the spots with a wet cloth. If that isn’t enough then move on to using the harsher cleaning products to force the dirt from the surface.

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters need a little more attention than wooden shutters but are still easy to keep clean, assuming they aren’t already caked in dirt. Regular dusting will help keep your plantation shutters looking their best, so aim to give them a dust every couple of weeks. A microfibre cloth is best but a disposable dusting cloth will also work well.
Open the shutters and dust from top to bottom, making sure to dust each individual slat on both sides. Also dust the frame to ensure the entire body of the shutters is left looking as clean as possible.

Doing this regularly will keep your plantation shutters looking spick and span for years, but if the shutters have already accumulated enough grime that standard dusting has lost its effect, a more detailed cleaning is in order. If the dirt doesn’t look totally immovable it is worth trying to clean the affected areas with a damp cloth or brush, scrubbing until the dirt is gone.

If that hasn’t worked and you need something more substantial, try using detergent. Mix a solution of a one gallon of hot water and a small amount of detergent, dip a cloth or sponge into the water and wring it out thoroughly until it is only damp. Now you can scrub the dirtier areas of the shutter to remove the thicker collections of grime. Remove any soapy residue with a cloth dampened with plain water and your plantation shutters should look as good as new!

Keep an eye on shutters in different rooms, as they will collect dirt at different rates. Plantation shutters in the kitchen, for instance, will likely accumulate airborne food particles or grease stains with some regularity. These shutters will need more attention than shutters in the hallway or conservatory, for instance, which will likely be kept clean with a regular dusting routine.

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