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The benefits of awnings and canopies

With summer firmly upon us, you may be keen to spend more time in your garden. There are few things more enjoyable than relaxing or dining outdoors in the fresh air. With this in mind, you might be thinking of buying an awning or canopy to provide you with shade and protection from the elements whilst sitting outside. Read on to discover the benefits of awnings and canopies.

The benefits of awnings and canopies

Sun protection

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One of the biggest benefits of awnings and canopies is that they provide protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. These structures create a shaded area in your garden, allowing you to enjoy your decking or patio comfortably, even when the sun is at its strongest. By blocking the sun, they also reduce heat inside your home, which can potentially lower cooling costs.

Rain protection 

Awnings and canopies provide protection from rain and other elements, creating a covered space where you can stay dry. They can also protect your outdoor furniture, plants and other items from the effects of rainwater. This makes them useful not just for private gardens but for cafes, restaurants and pubs with outdoor seating areas. Awnings and canopies allow people to continue spending time outdoors even when the rain starts to fall.

Extend your living space outdoors 

Installing an awning or canopy can be a fantastic way to extend your ling space outdoors. They create a comfortable and sheltered area where you can relax, dine and entertain guests at any time of year. You can make use your garden throughout the seasons. Expanding your living space with an awning or canopy won’t just enhance your overall lifestyle but could even add value to your property. 

Increase energy efficiency 

Another benefit of awnings and canopies is that they can boost the energy efficiency of a building. They do this by reducing direct sunlight and solar heat gain. This prevents the sun’s powerful rays from heating up interior spaces and minimises the need for air conditioning and cooling systems. This can lead to potential energy savings and lower utility bills. Energy efficiency is on many people’s minds right now, making it a great reason to invest in an awning or canopy.

Boost your property’s value 

Installing an awning or canopy can potentially increase a property’s value. There are a few reasons why they can do this. Firstly, they can enhance the visual appeal of a property, boosting its kerb appeal and making it more attractive to potential buyers. Secondly, as we mentioned earlier, they can extend your living space by creating a sheltered area for relaxation, entertaining, or dining. This expanded living space can be a desirable feature for potential buyers, especially those who appreciate outdoor living and entertaining. 

Keep in mind that an awning or canopy is only likely to increase your property’s value if its been designed and installed to a high standard. With this in mind, it makes sense to source it from a reputable company with a proven track record in installing these structures. Installing a canopy or awning can be a complex process that requires certain knowledge, skills and tools. Whilst some awnings or canopies do come with DIY installation instructions, it’s advisable to hire a professional for the job since this will ensure proper installation and optimal performance.

Business branding 

For commercial properties such as cafes, restaurants and shops, customised awnings and canopies can offer fantastic branding opportunities. They can improve the visibility of a business and help set it apart from its competitors. They can serve as the perfect canvas for branding and advertising businesses, with awnings and canopies able to display business names, logos, graphics, and any other types of information. If you’re looking for a way to ensure your business stands out on the busy high street, look no further than an awning or canopy.

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Awnings and canopies in Grimsby 

At Humberside Sunblinds, we’re one of the leading suppliers of awnings and canopies in Grimsby. We stock both cassette (fully retractable with protective casing) and non-cassette canopy types, and offer a huge choice of styles, designs and colours to meet your needs and tastes. Manufactured to an extremely high standard from quality materials, you can expect it to look and perform its best for many years to come. Whether you’re looking for an awning or canopy for your back garden or your commercial premises, we can assist. 

We also offer a free measuring and fitting service for awnings and canopies in Grimsby. One of our team will come out to your home or business in order to carry out accurate measurements and then return to ensure your new awning or canopy is installed to the very highest standards.  

If you need advice on choosing an awning or canopy for your home or business, talk to our team. We can guide you through your options to help you choose the right product for your requirements. 

Awnings and canopies at highly competitive prices 

If you’ve been putting off buying an awning or canopy due to the expense, shop with Humberside Sunblinds. We manufacture all our products in-house, which means we cut out any extra expense, making sure you benefit from the very best prices on the market. Our awnings and canopies represent excellent value for money, ensuring you won’t pay over the odds. We’re always on hand to provide you with a quote for the awning or canopy you require – talk to our team today. 

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