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Which are the best blinds for hotels?

Are you wondering “Which are the best blinds for hotels?” Then you’re not alone. This is a common question asked by hoteliers all over the world. Fortunately, the answer isn’t usually very complicated since there are a few styles that are most commonly used in hotels. Read on to find out more.

What blinds do hotels use?

Many hotels have striking windows that grant dramatic views of the great outdoors. To complement these windows, hoteliers usually invest in high-quality blinds in styles such as roller, Roman, vertical, and Venetian. Let’s take a closer look at which are the best blinds for hotels. Which are the best blinds for hotels


Roller blinds are one of the most common window coverings for hotels. Not only are they very easy to operate thanks to a simple pulley system that allows them to roll up or down with a quick tug, but they also enable guests to block out light if required. This allows them to get the quality sleep they need. 

Another benefit of roller blinds is that they come in a massive range of colours and designs. This makes it easy to select blinds that complement the décor of a hotel room perfectly. Whether you’re seeking neutral, understated tones or vibrant, eye-catching shades, you’re sure to find roller blinds to suit. Another factor to consider is that roller blinds are one of the most affordable styles. This makes them ideal if you need window coverings for hundreds of rooms and you’re shopping on a budget.


Roman blinds have been used in hotel rooms for many years. At first glance, they appear similar to roller blinds. However, they are actually quite distinct both in the way they look and how they operate. Roman blinds work as a single piece of flat fabric that slowly folds up as the strings are pulled. They are pleated in their design, ensuring that when they’re opened, they form neat, clean folds and when closed they lay flat. They offer a minimalist look that’s perfect for many modern hotels. 

Roman blinds can come with a blackout lining if required, helping to prevent sunlight from entering a room. This ensures that light doesn’t interrupt your guests’ sleep. They can also include thermal fabrics to help to trap heat during the cold winter months, preventing heat loss due to their insulating properties. In the summertime, thermal Roman blinds can block the heat outside, keeping a hotel room cool and comfortable.


Venetian blinds are very stylish, making them the perfect way to enhance any hotel room. They have horizontal slats which are easily adjustable, allowing guests to control how much natural light enters a space. Venetian blinds come with various slat widths and in a range of finishes and colours. Whilst they’re usually made from aluminium or wood, they do come in PVC as well. Venetian blinds can be a good choice for hotels since they are relatively easy to clean. Usually, they only require some light dusting or a quick wipe clean to keep them looking their best.  

Verticalautomated vertical blinds in Grimsby

Vertical blinds are often the preferred style for hotels, particularly those that are seeking an elegant and sophisticated look. They can certainly add a touch of class to a room when installed to a high standard. What’s also worth considering is that they can make a room appear tall than it really is, making them ideal for hotel rooms with low ceilings. They’re a great option for rooms with floor to ceiling windows. Vertical blinds are easily adjustable too, giving your guests excellent light and privacy control.

Why are quality window coverings so important for hotels?

Choosing window coverings is an important task for hoteliers. After all, it is your job to make sure your guests enjoy a comfortable stay with you. As well as investing in comfortable beds and flat-screen TVs, you’ll need to install quality window treatments in each room. This not only helps the rooms to appear stylish and welcoming but also allows guests to control the light that comes in. They should be able to limit or ideally block the light altogether to allow them to get a great night’s sleep. Blinds are ideal for this purpose since they can be constructed by blackout fabrics or have easily adjustable slats. 

Privacy is also a key commodity for hotel guests. They want to know that their hotel room is somewhere secure that they can fully relax at the end of the day. The right window coverings can enhance privacy significantly. When blinds are made to measure for the windows, you can ensure that there are no annoying gaps where people could look in – something that’s especially important for rooms on the ground floor.

Hotel blinds in Grimsby and Cleethorpes 

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