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Is it safe to fit blinds during the Covid-19 outbreak?

Do you want to have blinds professionally fitted but aren’t sure if it’s safe during the Covid-19 outbreak? Then you’re not alone. With so many restrictions placed on our lives, many people are wondering if having blinds installed is allowed. Fortunately, the answer is yes – having blinds fitted is perfectly fine if social distancing and other precautions are followed. The pandemic may be continuing in the UK, however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t hire a local firm to install blinds in Grimsby or Cleethorpes. At Humberside Sunblinds, we take the risk of coronavirus seriously. Our team take all the required steps to prevent the spread of the virus.  

Stay safe with Humberside Sunblinds 

Whilst it’s natural to feel concerned about bringing blinds installers into your home during a pandemic, you’re within your rights. The government has stated that you can have blinds fitted in your home or office as long as all the necessary precautions are taken to keep you safe. At Humberside Blinds, we’ve installed blinds in many homes during the Covid-19 pandemic, taking all the necessary steps to ensure that our customers and our team of installers remain safe throughout the process. 

Before we start work 

Is it safe to fit blinds during Covid

Before we enter your home and start work on installing your blinds, we’ll ask you to confirm that no-one in your household has any symptoms of Covid-19. You’ll need to let us know if anyone is shielding or self-isolating too, even if they’re symptom-free. Don’t worry if we can’t fit your blinds at the scheduled time. We aim to be very flexible and we’re happy to reschedule your appointment for a time when everyone has been given a clean bill of health. 

When we come to your home to fit your blinds, we’ll come equipped with all the necessary PPE, including masks and face shields, as well as hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes. We will require access to a sink, soap, and water so that we can keep our hands clean. Soap is proven to be highly effective at killing the Covid-19 virus, so it’s important we have access to it.

Another step we’re taking during the pandemic is taking our team’s temperatures each day. This ensures that we’re well enough to enter your home and carry out our work. We’ll ask you to do the same. A high temperature is a very common symptom of coronavirus, so it’s very important to check it before our visit. We’ve instructed all our fitters to stay at home if they have any cold or flu symptoms. When it comes to paying for our services, we recommend using a debit or credit card instead of cash. This further helps to prevent the spread of the virus.

Covid-safe working methods for blind installations


We always wear masks and face screens whilst carrying out our work, and we also make sure we sanitise our hands regularly. When we visit your property to install your new blinds, we’ll ask you to leave your doors and windows open if the weather permits. This is because increased ventilation can help prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

During the installation process, we will maintain a safe distance (at least 2m) and require everyone to be completely clear of each work area if it all possible. Our team will recommend that you leave the room when your blinds are being installed. Once your new blinds have been installed, we’ll wipe down all surfaces. We will then demonstrate the blinds at a safe distance, making sure you understand how they operate. At Humberside Sunblinds, we take social distancing measures seriously when installing blinds during the Covid-19 outbreak. Our team will take any packaging away with you at the end of the installation.

The increasing demand for home improvements Covid 19

The pandemic has put a stop to many things in the UK, but home improvements aren’t one of them. With people spending more and more time in their homes, they want to make their living spaces better and more in line with their needs and tastes. Installing new blinds is one way to do this. The right blinds can transform a room, breathing new life into it. They can make it a more pleasant place to spend time. At Humberside Sunblinds, we supply and fit a wide range of blinds, including blackout blinds, Duette blinds, conservatory blinds, and even motorised blinds. A huge choice of designs, patterns, and colours are available too. Whether you’ve been asked to work from home or you’re shielding and spending more of your time indoors, it makes sense to turn your property into somewhere that you truly love spending time. 

The safety of our customers and employees comes first 

The continuing spread of Covid-19 has had a huge effect on businesses throughout the UK and globally. Companies are having to change their standard practices, adopting new procedures to ensure their customers and employees are safe. At Humberside Sunblinds, there’s nothing more important to us than the safety of our clients and staff. We’ve taken steps to ensure that we’re adhering to government guidelines and industry advice throughout the pandemic. At the same time, we’re still offering the same high standard of service that we always have, meeting and surpassing our customers’ high expectations. When you come to us for window blinds in Cleethorpes or Grimsby, you won’t be disappointed. 

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Fitting blinds in Grimsby during the Covid-19 outbreak has been deemed safe by the government, as long as the correct precautions are taken. Contact Humberside Blinds to find out more about our impressive range of blinds and our Covid-safe installation service. Call 01469 664 017 to speak to one of our friendly team. Alternatively, email us here and someone will get back to you right away to discuss your requirements. 


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