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Broken Venetian Blinds: How Do I Fix Them?

Venetian blinds are one of the most popular choices of blinds as they provide excellent light control, privacy, thermal efficiency and have the kudos of being one of the oldest designs still in use today. Why wouldn’t they be? They look great and do their job well. However, the more complicated slat and cord design of Venetian blinds means they will be susceptible to damage on occasion.

Thankfully, the fixes can be completed by yourself, but of course, if you require help, your trusted blinds supplier will happily lend a hand and get your blinds back in working order. If your blinds are within warranty, call your supplier as they will be able to fix the problem free of charge.

Please note, you’ll require a sufficient amount of DIY skill and the right tools to complete the following fixes yourself.

If the lifting and lowering cord has stopped working

A very common problem occurs when the cord used to raise and lower the blinds becomes stuck or inoperable, meaning the blinds are locked in one position. If this is the case, it is likely the cord needs to be replaced.

  1. Remove your blinds from the window
  2. Remove the clamps securing the cords to the bottom slats
  3. Remove the old cord from the slats
  4. Thread the new lift cord over the pulleys in the top of the blinds and back down through the slats.
  5. Before tying the new cord off, ensure there is an even distance between the slats
  6. Replace the clamps and mount your blinds in the window

If the blinds won’t release from its cord lock

If you pull the cords and your blinds will not release and lower, chances are the lock is jammed or damaged. You can easily lower the blinds by pushing a flat head screwdriver inside the lock to release it. Sometimes this solves the problem for good. However, if your cords are frayed, this will only cause the lock to jam the next time the blinds are raised.

To fix this, follow the steps above to replace the cord and this should solve the issue. If the lock itself needs replacing, we recommend getting in touch with your blinds supplier who will be able to send an expert to you to replace the locking mechanism.

If a slat is damaged and will not tilt properly

A damaged slat not only looks unfortunate, it reduces the amount of light that the blinds can block out. If you want to replace a slat yourself, it is best to purchase a new slat from the blinds supplier where you originally bought your blinds.

  1. Remove the blinds from the window
  2. Remove the clamps and take out the pull cords that run through the slats
  3. Slide the damaged slat from the blinds
  4. Replace with the new slat, ensuring the holes line up with the other slats
  5. Thread the cords back through the holes, replace the clamps and remount the blinds

If the blinds will not stay locked in the raised position

Again, this issue is related to either the cords or the locking mechanism. Check over both of these components for fraying, dust and dirt. Clean them and if this does not solve the problem, contact your blinds supplier who will be able to fix your blinds in no time.

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