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Blinds or Curtains?

If you’ve ever tried to decide how best to decorate the windows around your home, you’ll know how much of a choice there is. Not only are you faced with the decision between blinds or curtains, you then need to think about which style would best suit each room.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed, so that’s why we thought it would be handy to take things step by step, looking at which window treatments work best for each room in the home.

Living room

The living room is a versatile space, and you can be confident that you’ll be able to find a suitable window treatment to suit whatever your decor. When it comes to curtains or blinds, curtains are the more traditional option and you can’t really go wrong with a good pair.

The style of curtains will probably change with the seasons, with thinner fabrics in the spring and summer and something thicker in the autumn and winter. Curtains will naturally take up more space around the windows, so if your living room is spacious this can fit nicely with the aesthetic. Bay and bow windows suit curtains perfectly, with rails designed to follow the curved recess, and full length, heavy materials can provide a decadent look, if you desire.

Blinds can also be a good choice for the living room, especially if you have pets who can make quick work of a hanging pair of curtains. Vertical blinds can fit taller windows well, while roller and Roman blinds can be a compact solution if you want to save space or would like to set a stylish, contemporary tone.



Depending on how much light your bedroom receives, a blackout material may be preferred for curtains and blinds. Much like the living room, curtain fabrics will probably change throughout the year, as you opt for thinner, smaller curtains as the warm weather sweeps in. Low hanging curtains can make any bedroom feel cosy and intimate, and can help create a comfortable atmosphere regardless of the size of the room itself.

Bedroom blinds are becoming increasingly popular, and more compact solutions like roller or Roman blinds can help create an illusion of space. Vertical blinds can provide the best of both worlds, resembling the look of curtains while offering the extra functionality of blinds.

For a child’s bedroom, blinds might be the better choice. They are neat and compact, with blackout materials handily blocking out distracting light for the all important good night’s sleep. Roman and roller blinds give you a chance to be as creative as you wish, with a limitless range of colours and patterns available, allowing you to tailor the look of your blinds to suit your child’s interests.

Darker materials are a perfect foundation for space-themed blinds, for instance, and you can even add extras like glow in the dark stars for a subtle illumination that adds even more character and creativity to the room, while engaging the imagination in an entirely unique fashion.

Kitchen and bathroom

These two rooms offer similar challenges, and are easily the most demanding rooms when it comes to choosing a suitable window treatment. Typically, curtains are too high maintenance for either room, and are much harder to fit cleanly than blinds.

Ideally, you’ll need sturdy blinds that can put up with the vast amounts of moisture in the bathroom, and all the grease, spills and stains generated from cooking in the kitchen. Soft fabrics will quickly lose their lustre in either room, and blind designs like roller and Roman are much harder to clean than aluminium Venetian styles.

Aluminium Venetian blinds have been consistently popular in both the kitchen and the bathroom for many years, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a better solution. Aluminium slats are easy to clean, so stains and grease deposits pose little problem, and the blinds function easily while fitting in with just about any theme or decor.


We took a detailed look at the conservatory recently, and the conclusion doesn’t really change when you bring curtains into the mix. The amount of sun exposure in the conservatory can fade curtains quickly, forcing them to gradually lose their visual appeal, while also becoming inundated with dust.

The conservatory requires a lighter solution, with perfect fit blinds being ideal. Aluminium Venetian, roller, Roman, pleated/Duette blinds are all good choices for the conservatory, while vertical blinds can offer a similar look to curtains while being much more functional relative to the the sheer amount of window space.

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