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Which blinds block out the most light?

Your blinds may make your home look like the palace of Versaille, but if they don’t offer your the perfect amount of light control, they aren’t doing their job right. If what you need from the blinds is blackout or as much blackout as possible, then there are specific blinds that will work better than others. You may work irregular shifts or be a fan of afternoon siestas. Whatever the case, here are the ideal blinds for eliminating sunlight.

Blackout Blinds

To cut to the chase, blackout blinds are a model of blinds that are specifically designed to block out as much external light as possible. Here’s how. Though no blind is capable of blocking 100% of natural sunlight, blackout blinds fit tightly to the window aperture. They are also made with a material that is denser than other blinds which can’t be penetrated by sunlight. An additional benefit of blackout blinds is that they are available in multiple styles. These include the popular roller and pleated variants.

Perfect Fit Blinds

Perfect Fit blinds are highly capable of blocking out a majority of natural light and light from street lamps. Perfect Fit blinds are unique in that they do not require drilling into the walls surrounding the window. Instead, the blinds clip into the existing windows frames, which makes for a clean and neat fitting blind. This feature also happens to give Perfect Fit blinds a natural capacity to block a majority of light because there is no gap between the blinds and the window frame.


Available in many materials and colours to suit all homes, shutters are a bespoke solution to your light control needs. In the bedroom, living room or kitchen, shutters are a premium product that are capable of total blackout thanks to a robust design and 100% coverage of the windows. Wooden shutters are made of natural timbers which are timeless but require slightly more maintenance. For ease of use and less maintenance requirements, PVC shutters are made of the same material as PVC windows and are available in many colours. They work much like Venetian blinds with horizontal slats that can be controlled using a rod. Once the slats are oriented in the closed position, light penetration is at an absolute minimum.

For the best advice about blackout blinds and blinds with minimal light opacity, be sure to get in touch with a trusted blinds specialist.

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