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The Best Blinds for Hotels

If you own or manage a hotel, or even if you’ve been a guest in one, you’ll know that guests’ comfort is a priority, particularly for multiple-night stays. When we think of hotel comfort, we often think of a nice big bed, bedsheets with high thread counts and a power shower to refresh ourselves. However, the quality of blinds can play a big part in how comfortable a person’s stay is, and in this article, we’re going to take a look at the best blinds for a hotel. 

Blackout blinds

For complete privacy and total darkness when you need it, blackout blinds tick every box. If a room’s blinds don’t effectively block light, then guests’ privacy can be restricted and their sleep can be disturbed, which greatly reduces the quality of their stay, and they’re unlikely to book another visit to a hotel where they’ve previously had a poor night’s sleep. Blackout blinds completely block out light, meaning your guests can enjoy an undisturbed sleep for as long as they need. 


Despite being the norm seemingly since blinds were invented, the cords we use to open and shut our blinds have their own risks attached, particularly where small children and pets are concerned. Getting tangled in the blinds presents a serious risk of injury or even death, with several tragic recorded cases of small children being asphyxiated by the cords of blinds. By opting for cordless blinds, this risk is eliminated, but the ease of controlling the blinds is maintained. 

Flame-retardant blinds

For an extra level of fire safety, flame-retardant blinds offer protection from fire without compromising on the aesthetics of a room. The blinds themselves look like any other ‘normal’ blinds, but with flame-resistant protection. Whether you’d like blackout blinds or standard blinds, you can opt for a flame-retardant version, should you desire them.

Compliment the design

As well as the functionality of your blinds, the aesthetic is crucial. Your blinds may work perfectly, but if they look out of place within a room then the entire space can look less than pleasing to the eye. With the huge range of styles, patterns, colours and designs available across the many types of blinds, you can be sure to find one that matches the interior of your rooms. Take the time to choose one that suits your space perfectly.

Choosing the best blinds for a hotel is a matter of style, functionality and safety. Different hotels will of course have different priorities when it comes to choosing window dressings, but the quality of your blinds should always be high. At Humberside Sun Blinds, we proudly provide the finest made-to-measure blinds service for customers throughout Lincolnshire, having done so for over 40 years. Whatever your requirements are, let us be the ones to meet them; get in touch with us today to find out more. 

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