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Does my Landlord have to provide blinds and curtains?

When moving into a new rental property, there are many unknowns that you must tackle before making an informed choice about where to live. One of the important questions we’re happy to answer here is: does a landlord have to provide blinds and curtains for a property by law? There are many laws governing the rights of tenants and this is an often overlooked question. So, let’s take a look.


1. Does a landlord have to provide blinds or curtains?

The answer is a resounding ‘no’. It is not mandatory for landlords to provide window furnishings for a rental property in the UK. Whether it’s a furnished or unfurnished home, window coverings are considered a personal choice and are left to the discretion of the landlord and tenants.

2.If there are window coverings in the property

This isn’t to say that every property comes without blinds and curtains – quite the opposite. As any long-term renter with a few addresses under their belt can testify, most properties come with blinds or curtains of some description. Are they to your tastes? Are they even clean? That’s a different matter altogether.

If you find that the in situ curtains or blinds are unkempt, get in touch with the landlord and ask before changing them. Often, the landlord will allow it with the proviso that you safely store and return the originals when your tenancy is up.

3.The landlord’s obligations

It’s always a good tactic to be polite and cordial with the landlord if you are requesting any repairs or pointing out any deficiencies. It’s also true that you should complete a comprehensive checklist before agreeing to move in and take inventory photographs with timestamps as soon as possible when you do move in.

However, with regards to existing blinds and curtains in the property – if you realise that they are broken or malfunctioning and the window coverings are listed on the property inventory, chances are the landlord will be happy to help repair or replace them and this could save you money.

4.Purchasing and caring for blinds in a rental property

If you have decided to purchase your own blinds and are installing them in a rental property, there are a few things to remember to cover your back and get the most from your new window furnishings.

Firstly, agree on what to do with the old blinds with your landlord. Follow their instructions if reasonable. It is common to keep the old blinds somewhere safe until the last day of your tenancy. When you move out, take the blinds you purchased with you and install the old blinds to keep things cordial.

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