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How To Choose Perfect Curtain Size & Colour?

Curtains have the power to add another dimension to any room, but only if you choose them wisely. Curating and decorating a room can be a difficult task and it can be hard to judge just how a pair of curtains will fit in. The right choice of fabric, colour, length and lining all dictate the atmosphere of a room.

Be mindful of proportion

Curtains affect how the rest of your room looks, not just how bright it is. Always be sure to take into account the size of your room. High ceilings and tall, slim windows are prime candidates for long, floor length curtains to give the room that elegant look. Small, cosy rooms will no doubt feel much homelier with neater, shorter lengths. Eyelet curtains work well in living rooms, giving a modern look – they are much easier to hang, change and draw too. You can also use curtains to create the illusion of size, especially if you tie them back to ensure maximum light coverage through the windows.

Fabric and lining

The material of your curtains is just as important as the colour and size. Heavy fabrics might be harder to draw, not settling as crisp or as neat as perhaps a lighter fabric might, but will hang much better than a lighter material. Heavy fabric might be necessary if you want to block out imposing light. Blackout curtains are perfect for bedrooms, so it’s wise to be aware of any specific goals you might need to satisfy when picking out a pair. Too light a fabric and sunlight will no doubt interrupt sleep in the early hours. Something you definitely don’t want.
Don’t be afraid to supplement your fabric, too. A border in a contrasting colour might be just the thing to give a dull pair some extra kick. Maybe you could implement some design from a striking wallpaper or cushion to help them blend easier while still allowing them to them stand out.


Colour is a choice you might need to put more thought into than expected. While a bright colour might fit perfectly with the decor of the room, being in contact with direct sunlight will make it fade over time. This is less of a problem if you’re planning to change the curtains of a particular room often – with the seasons for example – if it’s a constant rotation then feel free to go bright.
Just like wallpaper, sofas and carpets, the colour of your curtains help to establish the tone of your room. A more decadent statement will be made by darker, bolder colours while a mix of brighter colours will give a free, easy atmosphere. Neutral colours are more likely to blend easily and help give the room a comfortable feel and are an easy choice for a room that gets ample sunlight. They are less likely to fade and give you a wider choice for when you’re decorating the rest of the room.
You can use colour to match the personality of both the room and its occupants so always keep in mind who will be using the room. If you’re stuck, you can always enlist a professional to help you nail that perfect tone.

Go custom

To bring out the best of any room, custom designed curtains are the ideal way to go. Being able to customise dimensions will allow you to take full advantage of whatever window size you have. Like tailored clothes, individually designed curtains will suit each room to a tee. You don’t have to compromise on colour, size or fabric like you might have to when buying off the shelf. Your options are limitless.

Humberside Sunblinds have a huge range of made to measure curtains, ideal for any room of any size in any home.Your desires can be fully customized and achieved through our expert design techniques, so don’t hesitate to get in touch so your room can finally live up to its full potential.

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