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Vertical Blinds Benefits – Why Choose Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds are a commonly used alternative to curtains, providing windows with a stylish look that maintains privacy without shutting out the light.

Here we’ve discussed the main benefits of installing vertical blinds, and how they could improve your home.


Increased Privacy

One of the biggest disadvantages of curtains is that in order to allow natural light into the home, privacy is lost and any outsider can look into your home. Vertical blinds provide a great alternative, with the ability to tilt the slats to allow light in but without opening the window up for all the outdoors to see.


Vertical blinds can be slanted at varying degrees or completely folded away, allowing homeowners optimum control over the level of lights allowed into the home. One of the biggest benefits vertical blinds provide is the option for privacy without sacrificing access to natural light.

Extra Space

For smaller windows or rooms, vertical blinds can dramatically increase the perceived size of a wall. The long blinds will lengthen the look of any window, providing a more spacious feel to your home.


Vertical blinds can act as a great barrier from the sun’s heat in the summer, and keep your house cool. The blinds will also reduce the damage harmful UV rays from the sun can do to furniture. In the winter, vertical blinds have the dual benefit of helping to retain heat, as it escapes less easily through windows when blocked.


The blinds can be arranged in a number of ways – fully closed, slanted, or folded back from the window. This versatility is a huge benefit for many homeowners who want the option to alter the levels of light in their home when it suits them. Moreover, they can be used in any room; perfect for conservatories, bathrooms, office buildings, and even bedrooms, vertical blinds can look great wherever they are placed.


One downside of vertical blinds is that when folded back, they can be bulky, taking up space on one side of your windows. If you are limited for window space particularly, another option may be best for you.

Here at Humberside Sunblinds, we supply vertical blinds in a wide range of colours and materials. All our blinds are made to measure, ensuring you get the perfect fit, at competitive prices.

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