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5 Home Decor Tricks to Brighten a Dark Room

When designing the layout and decor of your home, one of the most important considerations is the amount of light each room will receive, making a room a more welcoming and enjoyable environment to spend time in.

Some rooms don’t receive enough natural light, whether that’s because of the season, or because they’re on a north/south facing side of the house. These rooms often need a little extra attention to ensure they stay as bright as possible, especially when summer arrives and we all want to enjoy the light! Follow our handy tips below for brightening up a dark room.

Choose right colour tones

The walls of your room can have a huge impact on a how light the space feels. Avoid dark, bold tones which are only enhanced by a lack of natural light. Instead, opt for airy pastels or neutral tones which are extremely effective at emulating the feel of natural light coming in through the windows.

Make use of blinds and shutters

Implementing blinds or shutters into your rooms in place of heavy curtains is a great way of utilising all the light and space available, inviting a brighter atmosphere into the room. Blinds provide the option of allowing maximum light into your darker rooms at all times, without sacrificing on privacy within the home. The simpler the style, the brighter a room will look, so opting for venetian, roller blind styles or traditional shutters is the perfect way to brighten up your darker rooms.

Add mirrors

Mirrors are a great way of enhancing the light in any room. Place a large mirror across one wall, or even use it in your furniture such as mirrored wardrobes, side units or coffee tables to open up the room and allow the light to be reflected around the room.

Clear clutter

Rooms filled with belongings can appear cluttered and dingy, which is only enhanced by a naturally dark room. To lighten up your room as much as possible, have a thorough clear out, storing clutter away tidily in storage cabinets for a minimalist look. A clear and low maintenance room will always emit a look of light and spaciousness.

Limit dark colours

Dark coloured accessories, from flooring, to sofas and dark stains on wooden furniture, will all contribute to making a room look darker and smaller. To lighten up dark rooms, limit your darker coloured furniture to one or two signature pieces, opting for light and neutral tones for the rest of your decor for a significantly brighter feel.

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