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Child safety

Choosing the ideal window blind for your home is about much more than the colour, style and finish you want - you have to consider how the blinds will operate too, and crucially, how safe and child friendly they are.

Most modern safety blinds now come with a range of options that are all ‘safe by design’ - for example, with cordless or concealed cord operation - but there are many other styles and types of blind that can also be made safe.


Safe By Design

Blinds that are usually pushed or pulled into position can be made safe by design with tensioned or concealed cords. They can also be operated electrically or with a wand, so cords are not required at all.

  • Spring operated blinds
  • Wand operated blinds
  • Tensioned blinds

In-built Safety Systems

In-built safety systems are built into the blind’s operating mechanism so they don’t need any additional features to ensure safety - for example, breakaway tassels or chain break connectors that separate under pressure.

  • Breakaway tassels
  • Chain break connectors

Separate Safety Systems

Separate safety systems can be installed to enhance the safety of blinds when cordless options or inbuilt safety devices are not suitable. Additional safety devices, such as a tensioning system or an accumulation device like a cleat, can be fitted to ensure no give in the cord.

  • Cord and chain tensioner
  • Chain tensioner

For more information on any of our child safety blinds, or options for making your blinds child safe, simply get in touch with us today or visit our well-stocked Immingham showroom; the largest of its kind in the region. We’ll be happy to help advise you on the best safety solutions for your property, or answer any other enquiries you may have.

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Child safety
Child safety
Child safety
Child safety
Child safety

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